Sunday, July 19, 2020

I am Retiring and Have Shut Down my Web Page

I am retiring. I will leave this blog up for a while so that people can refer to the articles when they are researching elder law. I have changed my website at so that it fowards to my site for Salish Ponds Press.

I encourage you to go over to the Salish Ponds Press, or Amazon and buy my books. If you have enjoyed the way my blog posts are written, you will get more of the same, even better, in my books, The Duke of Morrison Street and The Holders of Helmut Street.

Both books feature Leopold Larson as the crime-fighting lawyer. Leo may talk a lot like me, but he is not me, and he is a lot more interesting.

Practicing elder-law has been great, but frankly, for me the thrill is gone. It is time to close up and take it easy. I will be selecting a younger lawyer to suggest to my clients, but I haven't decided who that is yet.l

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