Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oregon Office of Adult Abuse Prevention and Investigation (OAAPI)

I attended a legal seminar the other day on representing the victims of elder abuse. The seminar was about the civil and criminal proceedings designed to stem the rising tide of elder abuse. It was attended by the usual suspects: Oregon elder law lawyers, professional fiduciaries, and government employees.

At the conference, Marie Cervantes, gave a presentation on the Office of Adult Abuse Prevention and Investigation (OAAPI). The office was created in 2012 and represents an attempt to coordinate the work of the various government agencies that deal with elder abuse. The OAAPI does not replace your local Adult Protective Services office, but instead attempts to standardize practices across geographic and bureaucratic lines. It also collects statistics that will permit local offices and district attorney's to better know what abuse looks like in the local community.

In addition I learned that Amanda Sue Nadell of the Multnomah County District Attorney's office is taking over the job for prosecuting elder abuse from Chuck Mickley. Chuck will be missed.