Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2009 Profile of Older Americans

Although an Oregon elder law lawyer by trade, I am amateur gerontologist as well. My studies in gerontology at Portland State never resulted in a degree, but I do maintain my interest in the subject and my membership in the Oregon Gerontological Association. Recently the Administration on Aging of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued its 2009 Profile of Older Americans.

The report sets out in very clear form the numbers about how older American's live. In 2008, Oregon had half a million citizens over the age of sixty-five. That is 13.3% of the population. It is a 16.5% increase since 1998. At the time 8.6% of elders lived in poverty.

The median income of older persons in 2008 was $25,503 for males and $14,559 for females. Of the 2.9 million households headed by older persons in 2007, 80% were owners and 20% were renters. The median family income of older homeowners was $29,899. In 2008, 6.2 million (16.8 %) Americans age 65 and over were in the labor force (working or actively seeking work), including 3.4 million men (21.5%) and 2.8 million women (13.3%).

The report has a lot of other good stuff. If you like this kind of thing, take a look.

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